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Welcome to the VirtuOx Home Sleep Testing Portal.

This portal was designed to help educate patients on what Sleep Apnea / Sleep Disordered Breathing is and how Home Sleep Testing works.

Video Sections
To watch a video on how to hook up your Home Sleep Test please watch video below:

To watch a video on what Sleep Disordered Breathing please click: Patient Instruction Documents Patient Sleep Apnea Screening Questionnaires Patient Product / Technical Support How Does the VirtuOx HST Work?
1) VirtuOx gets an order from your physician
As with all medical procedures, a Home Sleep Test can only be performed after receiving a written order from your treating physician. Your physician must first evaluate you for signs and symptoms of sleep apnea and ask you specific sleep question called an Epworth or Berlin Questionnaire. Then, your physician must complete a VirtuOx HST Order Form and fax it to VirtuOx using the toll-free number listed on the form.

2) VirtuOx contacts you to arrange delivery
Once we receive the order verify your insurance and then we will contact you via phone, to schedule a testing kit to be delivered as soon as possible. All HST devices are shipped out USPS priority mail 2-day service.

3) A package arrives at your home from USPS
The VirtuOx HST package includes everything necessary to successfully complete the test and return the device to VirtuOx. The Kit includes:
  • A pre-programmed testing device called the ResMed ApneaLink (with batteries installed)
  • A belt, a tube that is worn under your nose and a finger sensor, all pre-connected
  • Easy-to-follow, written, diagrammed instructions
  • All necessary paperwork including an insurance billing authorization, medical release, and questionnaires to tell us how you slept and about your experience with VirtuOx
  • A pre-paid, labeled shipping envelope to return everything the following day USPS priority mail 2-day service
4) Follow the easy instructions to take the test
Take the test as soon as possible after getting the device. Other patients are scheduled to be tested using the same recorder and your physician will be waiting for the results. It's important that you get a good night sleep, so we ask that you don't take a nap the day of the test. Also, limit your caffeine and alcohol and make sure your room is a comfortable temperature for sleeping. You will go to bed at your normal bedtime, staying in bed at least 6 hours and not more than 10.

5) Mail it back to VirtuOx the next day
If you didn't get at least two hours of sleep, call VirtuOx to make arrangements to test again the next night. Otherwise, turn off the device, throw away the nose tube, make sure all of the paperwork is complete and drop the package in a mailbox or take it to the post office.

6) Get your results in a few days
VirtuOx usually processes the data and has it read by a physician the same day we get the device back from you. Once that happens, we immediately fax a report to your physician. Don't call VirtuOx for the results. We are not allowed to give them to you. Instead, call the physician who ordered the test to find out what it showed.